At EAA at an early stage we understood the torment an applicant understudy experiences to satisfy his/her fantasy of turning into a Doctor. Likewise shouldn’t something be said about the injury the guardians and watchmen experience during the time spent understanding the fantasies of their kids to anchor MBBS situates in great, presumed and valid Universities with the least budgetary weight.

EAA [Euro Asia Admission] has practical experience in satisfying the fantasies of thousands of MBBS wannabes of turning into a Doctor. EAA has workplaces in CIS Countries and in India. EAA concentrates just in the MBBS affirmation division and that too with Universities just in CIS nations.

EAA works essentially with without a doubt, very presumed Government Universities in Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Georgia which are WHO and MCI endorsed. 90% of counseling organizations in India don’t have coordinate permit, portion from Universities for which they are sending their understudies. EAA are one of only a handful few and bunch counseling organizations from India working straightforwardly with Universities who have authoritatively approved EAA with authority licenses and quantities from their Universities.

EAA has very clear and simple objectives – 

  • Work simple, work only with credible and trusted universities, work to ensure that the student and their parents/guardians have the least financial impact. 
  • Help the aspirant student get through the best, most trusted and most credible Universities in Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Georgia. 
  • Comfort the student’s parents and guardians that EAA will be point of contact through our offices and representatives in CIS countries till their child completes their education. To be a point of contact whenever they require any assist for their child during the entire duration of their children study course. 

What this finally means to the students, their parents/guardian is – 

A very secure, trusted and credible platform to fulfil their dreams of becoming a Doctor from the most reputed and trusted Government Universities accredited by WHO and MCI and most importantly with very least financial impact.

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Any reputed Consultant, Agency or Company claiming to have direct licences and quotas from their respected Universities in CIS Countries needs to have their company registered in any of the CIS Countries as its mandatory.

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