Is MBBS from Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan perceived in India?

TheMedicalcouncil of India (MCI) perceives the MBBS degrees from the colleges which are being enrolled to the rundown to MCI. MBBS graduates just from these MCI affirmed Universities are qualified to rehearse in India in the wake of breezing through the MCI screening test. According to current standards, all outside medicinal alumni are required to show up in the MCI screening test (by and by known as, NEXT-National Exist Test) before they can lawfully rehearse in India.

The rundown of affirmed therapeutic Universities in Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan is being refreshed each year. This rundown is set up by the MCI on premise of the assessments and proposals of the particular Indian Embassy situated in these nations. Generally, all the Government-claimed restorative Universities in these previously mentioned nations whichareaccredited by WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION), the Ministry of Education and Science (MOES) and Ministry of Health(MOH) to direct MBBS course in English are incorporated into this rundown.

It would be ideal if you take note of that degrees from Ukrainian, Kyrgyz or Kazakh therapeutic colleges which are not in the rundown of MCI’s affirmed Universities are not perceived in India. That is the reason, Graduatesfromnon-endorsed Universities doesn’t have any directly to show up in the MCI screening test (named by NEXT – National Exist Test). Along these lines, kindly ensure that you are going to learn at an affirmed University.

Would i be able to land a position in a Government healing center or unified medicinal organizations in India?

Indeed. In the wake of clearing the MCI screening test (NEXT) and getting your enrollment with the State or Central Medical Council, you are totally qualified for any Government arrangement.

What is MCI Eligibility Certificate?

All understudies traveling to another country to examine MBBS are required to acquire the qualification declaration from MCI before their examinations initiate. Understudies just with an Eligibility testament can show up in the MCI screening test required to rehearse in India. Our colleagues will deal with getting MCI Eligibility Certificate for our understudies by submitting appropriate reports and giving all out direction.

Is NEET Mandatory for MBBS wannabes applying abroad from 2018?

On 13thFebruary, 2018, The Union Health Ministry affirmed the proposition of the MCI to make it required to pass NEET to acquire a qualification authentication (EC) to seek after courses in remote restorative schools.

Indian Students expecting to ponder undergrad medicinal courses in remote colleges should take National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), a move that will influence about two or three thousand understudies who apply for such courses in Ukraine, Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan and different nations every year.

NEET, otherwise called basic National Entrance Exam, was acquainted in 2016 for affirmation with Government and private medicinal schools in the nation. At present, an understudy who wishes to take up admission to a restorative course outside India needs to acquire a ‘Centrality Certificate’ from the MCI. Consistently, around 10,000 understudies leave India to ponder medication, for the most part to Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and different nations like Philippines, China.

However at this point onwards (for example from 2018), according to the tenets actualized by thehonourable Union Health Ministry fulfilling the recommendation of MCI, understudies trying to think about drug outside India will be given a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) just in the event that they clear NEET with the base passing percentile cut-off.

What is MCI Screening Test?

The Medical Council of India stipulates that all understudies contemplating MBBS program from Medical Colleges outside India and needing to rehearse in India after finish of their program, need to show up for a “Screening Test”.

Restorative Council of India of India Screening Test, otherwise called Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE), is a licensure examination directed by the National Board of Examinations (NBE) in India. The test is one of the obligatory necessities for an Indian national who has a therapeutic degree from a school outside India to rehearse prescription in the nation. The screening test was presented in 2002 as a passing examination for Indian understudies acquiring their medicinal degrees from nations other than India, for example, nations having a place with the previous Soviet Union (USSR), Eastern European nations, China, Nepal, Philippines, and Caribbean nations. Indian specialists holding essential therapeutic degrees from any nation need to take the MCI screening test. The Medical School ought to have been recorded in the WHO global registry of Medical Schools. This test is held two times per year; on last Saturday/Sunday of September and on last Saturday/Sunday.

The test comprises of three papers of different decision inquiries in Pre-Clinical, Para-Clinical and Clinical Medicine and its unified subjects including Obstetrics and Gynecology.

The screening test is led in English. The test length for each paper will be of three hours. Understudies need to acquire a base half check in each paper independently so as to breeze through the qualification test.

Are Ukrainian/Kyrgyz/Kazakh/Georgia Universities Government-claimed or Private?

Every single therapeutic University with which EAA are related or tied-up are possessed by the Government of comparing nations. Actually, practically 100% medicinal Universities in Ukraine and Kazakhstan are Government possessed. There are two private controlled MCI perceived organizations exist in Kyrgyzstan. Be that as it may, EAA’s maxim and rule lie exclusively in co-task with the Government Universities of high notoriety.

What are the spans of MBBS course in Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan?

The term of all MBBS course in Ukraine is 6 Years. This incorporates 1 Year of broad down to earth preparing. You can experience this preparation either in Ukraine or in India. Practically all the Ukrainian colleges have a few partnered healing centers. In the event that you choose to do your temporary job in Ukraine, your entry level position program would be orchestrated in these healing facilities by the University Administration. Be that as it may, to profit the office, you need to address and informcorresponding division of your college in advance and in like manner college will co-ordinate with healing facility experts to put you up to the preparation term.

In Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, the MBBS courses keep going for a long time.

In which Ukrainian, Kyrgyz and Kazakh Universities would you be able to assist me with getting affirmation?

EAA offers whole affirmation help for famous government-controlled restorative colleges as it were. We entirely work with the Universities affirmed by MCI (Medical Council of India), WHO (World Health Organization) and Ministry of Health and Science (MOHS) of the relating nations. If you don’t mind find underneath a rundown of therapeutic colleges we work with:

What are the stipulated eligibility/requirements for MBBS admission in Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan & Kazakhstan? Is there an entrance exam? What is the date of the entrance exam?

No entrance exam is required for admission in Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan & Georgia. In general, admission is based on your 10+2 or Intermediate marks. Usually 50%-60% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology at higher-secondary level (10+2) are required depending upon the admission criteria of the particular university. But, from 2018-19 academic session, additionally NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test) qualifying cut-off mark/percentile will be asked by the universities before the confirmation of admission to the course.

Only Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University does have pre-requisite of appearing in a entrance test what is being held in India by the professors from the University. But, students who crack NEET in India easily pass the exam & become eligible for admission to the university.

Are MBBS courses in Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan & Kazakhstan expensive & affordable for middle-class family?

No. MBBS from Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan & Kazakhstan is much cheaper compared to studying MBBS at private universities in India. Kyrgyz Universities offer Medical courses at a fraction of cost offered by Private Indian Medical Universities. Tuition fees in medical field at Ukrainian & Kazakh Universities stand practically at a same level of Kyrgyzstan.

Is there any donation or capitation fee?

No. As we represent utterly government-owned Universities & these universities are stringently monitored & supervised by Ministerial Authorities, so there are no type of donation or capitation fees to be paid to anyone. Process of admission is exhaustively straightforward, crystal clear & without any type of bureaucratical barriers.

Can I do internship/training in India?

Yes. You can do your internship/training in India if you could have arranged it by yourself. The University can arrange internship for you in their country of location only. Most students do their internship at the various affiliated hospitals of the University. But, to avail the facility, you have to address & inform corresponding department of your university beforehand & accordingly university will co-ordinate with hospital authorities to place you up to the training term.

What is the medium of instruction/studies?

The medium of instruction/studies is English language. All medical colleges we work with have been duly authorized to teach in English Medium by the Ministry of Education & Science of respective countries (Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan & Kazakhstan). So, all the lectures & trainings to foreign are being delivered thoroughly in English Language Medium. Even, in some cases, University Authority invites highly-qualified English-speaking visiting professors from India for doubt-clearing classes what are very useful for cracking MCI Screening test in India.

My age is less than 18. Can I get admission?

Yes. If your age will be at least 17 at the time of entry in the University, it is possible for you could be eligible for admission in all the countries where we do have presence. But, for this purpose, you will be required to provide some extra documentation. Our team can assist you with the same.

My age is over 30. Can I get admission?

Yes. Theoretically, it is possible for you to get admission if you do have MCI eligibility certificate in hand. However, your choice of Universities would be more limited. Only the medical universities in Kyrgyzstan accept application for candidates over 30 years of age. High-ranked Ukrainian Government Medical Universities are usually very strict about age and will not consider applicants over 30 years of age for MBBS studies.

Does our company assist students in obtaining a Visa?

EAA possesses a highly-experienced, efficient & dedicated team who will assist you in each & every step of issuance of visa issuance. Colleagues of our company live in India, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan & Kazakhstan thanks to our official presence in those countries. So, the visa facilitation system is entirely well-organized on all aspects. Till date, we don’t have any kind of visa rejection issues from the Embassies of Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan & Kazakhstan.

What are the opportunities after completing MBBS studies from Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan & Kazakhstan?

As medical degrees awarded by the Prominent Government Medical Universities of these countries are globally recognized & throughout accepted, so Graduates are eligible to practice & work anywhere in the world, including the first-world countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia & all parts of EU (Germany, France, Italy, Spain etc.) after overcoming local licensure exams & formalities on equivalencies of degree. As for example, for practicing or continuing study in USA, one has to sit for USMLE & for UK PLAB.

Due to the location in the Central European Region & signed memorandum with European Union on the direct acceptability of qualification, a holder of MBBS degree from top-notch Ukrainian Government University doesn’t have to undergo the process on equivalency of the degree in the countries of EU. So, student does possess ample opportunities at his disposal for either continuing PG studies in EU, USA, UK, Canada or Australia or could opt for working in those first-world countries by passing licentiate criteria.

At the end, one could easily appear in the MCI Screening Test & practice in India as a registered medical practitioner upon cracking the exam.

Who will meet me in the Country of my Study Destination & what kind of support I could expect from EAA?

As we have mentioned earlier we have trained teams of professionals who work at our offices in Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan & Kazakhstan, so, there are no need to be anxious when you arrive in the country of your study destination. Members of our company will meet you up at the Airport & do everything necessary to get you settled in the particular country. They also arrange post-departure briefing session for 2-3 weeks to make the students adaptable to local culture, environment & study system. Moreover, you could address them in any time during your study period & they will extend their whole-hearted support on 24×7 basis till your graduation. One of the owners of our company lives continuously in Ukraine & Kyrgyzstan; and runs our overseas offices. He personally also looks after the students in every sort of necessity.

In addition to that, on regular basis, we also offer delicious Indian foods in our own hostels so that students feel home in the foreign country instead of staying outside of India.