While seeking after medicinal examinations from abroad, MBBS from Ukraine has been a popular& ideal decision for Indian understudies. These days, Ukraine has turned out to be universally eminent for its reality class therapeutic instruction, cutting edge framework, minimal effort of everyday costs and reasonable school educational cost charges. Probably the greatest points of interest of examining MBBS in Ukraine are the emphasis on individual thoughtfulness regarding each understudy and striking the correct harmony among hypothetical and down to earth information. The phrasing of the MBBS course in Ukraine is MD Physician. This is proportionate to MBBS in India according to the standards stipulated by MCI.

Late years have seen a considerable development in the quantity of Indian understudies examining MBBS in Ukraine and making a fruitful profession for themselves. By injecting outright European changes, Ukraine has built up a decent instructive framework and foundation offering a plenty of chances for understudies, enabling them with a predominant dimension of MBBS training. At present, the nation is experiencing tremendous fame among the individuals who are hoping to contemplate MBBS abroad.

Ukraine Government is extremely devoted to the enhancement and improvement of therapeutic instruction in the nation to hoist the quality on a standard with world best. The restorative colleges get steady framework improvement bolster and significant money related assistance from the Ukrainian government for keeping up the exclusive requirement of training. Each Government University has in any event 10– 15 partnered medical clinics available to them – some of them being specific emergency clinics with ultra-present day gear and offices, that empowers understudies to enter useful introduction documented directly from the investigation time frame. Because of International Validity of Degrees, the understudies who move on from a best Ukrainian Medical University can rehearse and work in any piece of the world (EU, UK, USA, Canada, Australia and India). That is the reason, these days, Ukraine is gathering a great deal of prevalence among worldwide understudies who need to seek after their MBBS from abroad.


Degree got from Ukraine is specifically substantial more than 27 European nations since Ukraine is a part territory of BOLOGNA PROCESS [The Bologna Process is a progression of ecclesiastical gatherings and understandings between European nations intended to guarantee likeness in the norms and nature of advanced education qualifications]& follows entirely European Credit Transfer and Accumulation (ECTS) reviewing framework. Consequently understudy entitled with a therapeutic degree from Ukrainian college will appreciate high value& acknowledgment of his capability everywhere throughout the European Union (EU).

The MBBS courses in Ukrainian colleges are all inclusive perceived by practically all of conspicuous Medical Education Governing and Accreditation bodies like WHO (World Health Organization), MCI (Medical Council of India) Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) in the USA, European Medical Council, UNESCO, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, enrolled to FAIMER’s International Medical Education Directory (IMED) and WFME’s( World Federation for Medical Education) Avicenna Directory.

Seeking after MBBS degree from Ukraine gives a passage to other European Countries as it has two-sided understudy trade programs and course move understandings set up with nations, for example, Poland, Slovakia, Germany Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic and different individuals from European Union, and along these lines making it less demanding for understudies to proceed higher examination in other European countries.

Ukraine is an European Nation that offers the Life Standards at a similar dimension like in Europe; and yet, the educational cost charges and everyday costs are exceptionally modest while contrasting with some other European nations.

The MBBS courses in Ukraine are instructed totally in English Language Medium. Consequently, the Indian understudies who do have great order of English can without much of a stretch secure affirmation and study MBBS in Ukraine. Indeed, even Ukrainian individuals are knowledgeable in conversational English& thusly there are no dialect related boundaries or obstacles while living in Ukraine.

Because of the elements of thorough and top to bottom Government control on training part, educational cost expenses in every single state funded college are sponsored notwithstanding for remote understudies and that is the reason cost for fulfillment of Medical degree is most reduced among European Countries.

As therapeutic degrees granted by the Government Medical Universities are universally perceived and all through acknowledged, so Graduates are qualified to rehearse and work anyplace on the planet, including the primary world nations like USA, UK, Canada, Australia and all parts of EU ( Germany, France, Italy, Spain and so on.) in the wake of conquering neighborhood licensure tests and conventions on equivalencies on degree. As, for rehearsing or proceeding with concentrate in USA, one needs to sit for USMLE& for UK PLAB.

The understudies considering MBBS at the colleges of Ukraine are gave with different chances to take an interest at logical meetings, therapeutic courses, global trade programs and other research-situated undertakings in co-task with European and American Universities which open up more entryways in upgrading learning and valuable experience.

All Ukrainian Government Universities are explore based &home to many recognized Scientists who are far-popular for research and their discoveries/developments are consistently distributed in the distinguished International Medical Journals. Hence, snatching a capability from the colleges of such bores unquestionably will outfit understudy with profound learning and in this way make him an extraordinary specialist.

Additional Advantages of Studying MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of themost sheltered, tranquil and pleasant nation in the eastern piece of Europe.

The Standard of Education for MBBS in Ukraine is of a Very High Quality and Teachers/Lecturers here are exceptionally qualified and pioneers in their field.

A MBBS degree holder from any Government University of Ukraine have same indistinguishable estimation of his capability in contrast with a degree presented by any Indian Medical Institute as Ukrainian Medical Universities are properly endorsed and authorize by the Medical Council of India( MCI).

Because of the way that Ukraine has arrangement concurrences with European Union (EU) on the common acknowledgment of degrees, so understudies could undoubtedly benefit PG degree (MD) in Medical Science from European Universities without experiencing any sort of scaffold course.

For Medical Aspirants there are no sort of pre-imperative to experience Entrance Test. They are offered guide admission to the colleges after submitting stipulated NEET qualifying percentile (for example cut-off stamp), least 60% checks in PCB stream at middle of the road level and MCI qualification authentication.

The World Ranking of the administration medicinal Universities in Ukraine is evaluated at an abnormal state in pretty much every field.

The understudies who have finished their therapeutic degrees in Ukraine are qualified to apply for International Licensure Exams like MCI Screening Test, USMLE (USA), PLAB (UK), just as other authorizing tests directed by the Medical Governing body of the nations all through the world.The achievement rate of the Ukrainian Medical qualification holder understudies in splitting the Internationally Licensure Examinations (FMGE, USMLE, PLAB and so forth.) is truly honorable and admirable.

Truly sensible and Low educational cost Fees – achieving MBBS degree in Ukraine includes some significant pitfalls 65% less expensive than that of the Private Medical Colleges in India. Notwithstanding that, to be qualified for affirmation, one doesn’t need to pay a solitary penny of capitation expense/gift. The affirmation systems to any therapeutic college are extremely clear, totally straightforward and totally bother free as everything is in effect stringently observed by Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education and Science.

Visitor speakers/educators and visiting personnel of the Universities in Ukraine comprises of Globally Acclaimed Teachers and working experts ( from EU, USA and Canada) who are very devoted to impart their insight and profitable experience to the understudies for preparing them at most elevated conceivable models

In view of superb rural and mechanical movement; coupled of strict Government Control on each circle including valuing, Cost of living in Ukraine is low humble and modest. Henceforth, for white collar class Indian understudy could bear the cost of the costs effectively.

The vehicle of guidance is English for considering MBBS in Ukraine. In this way, the understudies require not gain proficiency with any new dialect for induction into the schools of Ukraine and can exclusively center at a dimension of 100% on his/her examinations without saving time in adjusting to new dialect.

TheTeaching Faculty to Student Ratio is 1:10 – the extent what is as a rule straightforwardly recommended by the Association of European Medical Universities. This standard of directing preparing in little group estimate makes sure of conveying understudies with individual& customized consideration by educators and instructors.

In excess of 6,000 Indian understudies are by and by seeking after medicinal investigations in Ukraine and consistently the number has plainly been taking an upward stream essentially in view of the nature of instruction and down to earth exposures Ukrainian Medical Establishments offer by and by.

MBBS Course Duration in Ukraine

MBBS course duration in Ukraine is 6 years. Most of the European countries have course duration of minimum 6 years in regard to MBBS degree. After successful completion of graduate medical education, the student can return back to India and sit for the exit/screening test conducted by MCI (Medical Council of India) and upon overcoming the Exit Test he is legally eligible to do his internship in India.

Duration of MBBS in Ukraine = 6 years

About Ukraine

Ukraine is a nation in Central and Eastern Europe. It has a region of 6, 03,628 km2, making it the biggest nation completely inside European mainland. Ukraine outskirts Russian Federation toward the east and upper east, Belarus toward the northwest, Poland and Slovakia toward the west, Romania, Hungary and Moldova toward the southwest, and the Black Sea and Sea of Azov toward the south and southeast, individually.

Ukraine has broad, rich farmlands, and it stays one of the world’s biggest grain exporters. It is known as the worldwide breadbasket of Europe. The created and enhanced economy of Ukraine incorporates an expansive overwhelming industry division, especially in modern gear and aviation.

Ukraine’s capital and biggest city is Kiev. Ukraine has the second-biggest military in Europe, after that of Russia, when stores and paramilitary staff are considered. The nation is home to 42.5 million individuals (barring Crimea). 77.8% of whom are Ukrainians by ethnicity, trailed by a sizeable minority of Russians (17.3%) just as Romanians/Moldovans, Belarusians, Crimean Tatars, and Hungarians. Ukrainian is the official dialect of Ukraine; its letters in order is Cyrillic. The overwhelming religion in the nation is Eastern Orthodoxy, which has emphatically affected Ukrainian engineering, writing and music.

Capital: Kiev
Official language: Ukrainian                                                               
Recognized Languages: Russian, Crimean, Tatar
GDP: Total- $320.221 Billion
Per Capita: $3,484
Currency: Hryvnia UAH (US $ 1=27 UAH approx.) 

List of Ukrainian Medical Universities accredited by MCI (Medical Council of India) for MBBS or Equivalent Course (collected from official MCI Website)

MCI Website link:

FAQS About Ukraine 

1. Where is Ukraine?

Located in the continent of Europe, Ukraine covers 579,330 square kilometers of land and 24,220 square kilometers of water, making it the 46th largest nation in the world with a total area of 603,550 square kilometers. Ukraine is a picturesque country in the mainland of Europe and by size the largest country in European continent after Russia.

2. Where is Kiev?

Kiev is the capital and largest city of Ukraine, located in the north-central part of the country on the Dnieper. The population in July 2015 was 2,887,974 (though higher estimated numbers have been cited in the press), making Kiev the 7th most populous city in Europe.

3. What is the currency of Ukraine?

The hryvnia, sometimes hryvnya (Ukrainian: гривня, pronounced [ˈɦrɪu̯nʲɑ], abbr.: грн (hrn in the Latin alphabet)); sign: ₴, code: UAH), has been the national currency of Ukraine since 2 September 1996. The hryvnia is subdivided into 100 kopiyky. It is named after a measure of weight used in medieval Kievan Rus’. The present exchange rate of hyrvnia to US Dollar is 1 US$= 26.50 UAH or 1 UAH= 2.45 INR approximately.

4. Is Ukraine a safe country to study in?

In fact, Ukraine is safer now than France or Germany, as there aren’t any terrorist attacks, immigration crisis or clashes of various ghettos. Ukrainian cities such as Kyiv, Odesa, and Lviv are completely safe and on the same safety level as other European or American cities. In recent times, government bodies have initiated the policy of ‘double checking’ everything and make Kyiv – the safest place in Europe. To make things even better, Ukrainian Government have a newly reformed police on the basis of the American and Canadian police system. That means, you can easily approach a police officer and ask him/her in English any information and you will get assistance. That’s why Ukraine has been regarded probably one of the safest places in Eastern Europe to study in &  the foremost choice of international students from all over Asia, Africa, Middle East, and even from Europe. With its female-dominated demography Male to female ratio (43:57), Ukraine is truly being considered the safest country to study in for female candidates.

5. What is the official language of Ukraine?

Firstly, the official language of Ukraine is Ukrainian. That’s important to know.
With that being said, here are some quick-hitting general rules about the languages used in Ukraine.

  • The more west you go, the more Ukrainian there will be.
  • The more east you go, the more Russian there will be.
  • Majority of Ukrainian people in cities speak English very fluently, so communication isn’t an issue for Indian students
  • Most people consider Ukrainian their “native tongue”, but as far as business Russian tends to be used more often.

However, due to the similarities between two languages, Ukrainian people understand both Russian and Ukrainian equally.

6. What is the average monthly living expenditure in Kiev?

Taking into account the staying in the hostel, the average monthly living expenditure in Kiev should come around 150-200 US$ per month. However, it subjects to the choice of lifestyle & living habit of the student. Because of being highly developed agricultural country, foods are very cheap in comparison to India & Europe. Agriculture is one of the main fields in the economy of Ukraine due to its climate and demographic reasons (the density of population in the rural areas in Ukraine is quite high). Ukraine occupies the third place in the world in the corn export, fifth place in the wheat export.

7. Is Ukraine a part of European Union?

Ukraine– European Union Association Agreement is an European Union Association Agreement between the European Union(EU), Euratom, Ukraine and the EU’s 28 part states (which are isolated gatherings notwithstanding the EU and Euratom). It sets up a political and financial relationship between the gatherings. The understanding went into power on September 1, 2017, and beforehand parts had been temporarily connected. Since June 11, 2017, Ukraine has been marked the visa-waiver bargain with EU which permits the Ukrainian Citizens without visa travel to all nations in European Union aside from UK and Switzerland.

8. How can a student receive money in Ukraine?

Ukraine has an extremely composed and present day saving money framework with top of the line innovation at standard with European nations with cash trade focuses are effectively accessible all around the nation. While global understudies can convey their living use in type of money, voyagers check or as a visa/ace card engraved platinum cards, they can likewise open up their financial balances in Ukrainian banks accessible in the nation and the guardians can exchange cash straightforwardly from their nation of origin to understudy’s ledger in Ukraine. A portion of the highest European and American banks work in Ukraine are Raiffeisen Bank Aval, Austria(, UkrSibbank, France (BNP Paribas Group), Crédit Agricole, France(, Citibank, America (, OTP Bank Hungry(

Ukraine additionally has a great deal of other cash exchange alternatives, for example, Western Union, Moneygram, Transferwise, Pyoneer, liqpay SWIFT, and so on. The greater part of the markets and departmental stores acknowledge both credit and platinum cards.

9. What shall be the port of entry for my candidate?

Ukraine is very well connected by air travel with the rest of the world. Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine has KIEV BORYSPIL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT just in the outskirts of the city which serves as the main airport of entry for students from all over the world.

10. What is the mode of intracity transportation in Ukraine & capital city Kiev?

The foundation of Ukraine’s open transportation: transports, cable cars, and trolleybuses (electrically determined). There’s no better method to become more acquainted with this nation and its kin than to take a ride like local people do. Open transportation is very created in substantial Ukrainian urban communities (Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Simferopol, and so on.) and you could without much of a stretch get starting with one a player in the city then onto the next by simply utilizing the city transport. Kiev has the most progressive method of intercity transport office as Kiev Metro, nearby Busses, Trams, neighborhood Trains and Kiev Funicular. In Kiev, transportation offices are exceptionally helpful, agreeable and efficient. Kiev (Kyiv) Metro System is point of fact the quickest, most helpful and moderate approach to get around almost the whole city (read progressively about Kyiv Subway System) Kiev’s Metro System is growing to meet a regularly expanding number of clients – as of now assessed at one and half million travelers for each day.

There are a few different urban areas in Ukraine, which have the Subway System: Dnipropetrovs’k, Kharkiv, Kryvyi Rig (Speed Tram). Taxi’s are situated all through the city and can be discovered effectively. Contrasted with other European nations tolls are very shabby and are consulted ahead of time, whenever taken in the road. On the off chance that you call the taxi organization they for the most part demonstrate the cost contingent upon the separation to be voyage.

11. If we decide to take admission in the University who shall help us with the visa procedure and other formalities?

In General, Ukrainian Universities designate approved agents for dealing with affirmation process, visa strategies and other relating conventions for understudies who are qualified for studies. We have been formally co-working with 3 colleges in Ukraine. In this way, At ECA (Eurasian Consulting Agency), our committed guides will help understudies in each and every progression of confirmation and visa-related process as a team with the Universities and the Embassy of Ukraine in India. Indeed, after landing in Ukraine, ECA Ukraine office staff will help you in each kind of issue.

12. What about airport pickup and on arrival formalities?

ECA in association with University administration will take care of the airport pick-up of our student by meeting him up right at the airport & providing transportation to University hostel. After student’s settlement, ECA staffs organize the post-departure briefing to make him adaptable to Ukrainian study & cultural environment.

13. What about the climate and food in Ukraine?

The climate of Ukraine is temperate continental. The warmest months are June, July, and August, with mean temperatures of 13.8 to 24.8 °C (57 to 77 °F). The coldest are December, January, and February, with mean temperatures of -4.6 to -20 °C (24 to 15 °F).

There are ample opportunities to taste Indian Foods either at Restaurants or in the Indian canteens.


The State Establishment “DNIPROPETROVSK MEDICAL ACADEMY of Health Ministry of Ukraine” was established on September 15, 1916 from the Ekaterynoslavsky higher female courses Institute. The Institute procured the status of State Academy in 1920 and it turned into the Dnepropetrovsk State Medical Academy (DSMA) in Ukraine in 1994, and moved toward becoming State Establishment “DNIPROPETROVSK MEDICAL ACADEMY of Health Ministry Of Ukraine” in 2015. Official Website: WWW.DSMA.COM.UA

Reputation & Recognition:

Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy (DSMA) is one of the most established higher instructive organizations of Ukraine having fourth (the most astounding) dimension of accreditation given by Ukrainian Ministerial Accreditation Committee.

The Medical Academy isrecognized by practically all of conspicuous Medical Education Governing and Accreditation bodies like WHO (World Health Organization), MCI (Medical Council of India) Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) in the USA, European Medical Council, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, enrolled to FAIMER’s International Medical Education Directory (IMED) and WFME’s( World Federation for Medical Education) Avicenna Directory .

International Students 

At present there are 2000 + International understudies examining in DSMA in under alumni and Post graduate field. Outside understudies contemplate here in English Medium and are for the most part from India, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Qatar, Oman, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and 33 different nations from Asia, Africa and from Europe.

Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy (DSMA) conducts preparing of remote nationals since 1990. In 1995 the Academy the primary clump of remote doctors was graduated. Since most recent 15 years, Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy (DSMA) prepared in excess of 2000 remote pros from 30 nations of the world.

Faculties & Infrastructure

In the structure of the Academy there are 6 resources (three medicinal, dental, the personnel of remote understudies and the workforce of postgraduate training), with in excess of 4,500 understudies and restorative cadets.

There are 646 instructors at 59 offices, including 98 specialists of science and 359 competitors of science. Altogether, the Academy utilizes more than 1100 workers.

42 clinical offices are situated at the bases of 28 medical clinics and there in excess of 15 thousand beds are accessible for use. At the clinical bases of the Academy, 29 specific focuses are sorted out.

The Academy covers a region of 85 hectares. It has 8 instructive structures with an absolute region of 52,000 square meters, which suit 608 classrooms, workplaces and labs. In 6 inns (1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) with a territory of 46,000 sq.m. 2849 understudies and specialists cadets live. The Academy has a games complex, a vivarium, a games camp, a logical library, an innovation focus and two galleries.

Academics& credentials:

It has 4500 understudies and since its initiation, the foundation has prepared around 49,000 specialists, dental specialists, drug specialists and medical caretakers. Since 1996, the leader of the Academy has been Professor G.V. Dzyak. There is a wide post-graduate course, including Ukrainian and remote youthful specialists. The main managers of Ph.MD degree specialists from Arabic nations in restorative institute were educators: KryshenValerii Pavlovich/medical procedure/,ShkolnickValeriiMarkovich/nervous system science/and FedotovValerii Pavlovich/dermatology/.

Establishment and the foundation of the Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy (DSMA) was driven by prominent researchers with world-referred to names, for example, VP Karpov, Oleg S.Abrazhanov, O. Drzhevetsky, L. Gromashevsky, L.S. Halperin, M.F. Rudnev, G.F. Tsomakion, N.S. Kakhiani, M.S. Stanishevskaya, M.O. Kabanov, O.I. Talyantsev, I. Troitsky, S.M. Kompaneets, M.V. Donici, AV Padlewski and so forth.

Logical exercises of the Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy (DSMA) are furnished with current specialized and methodological bases. The needs are:

advancement of new demonstrative innovation improvement and movement of hypertension;

pre-birth HIV contamination: appraisal of the viability and streamlining of present day pharmacological methods for avoidance, treatment, recovery and hinder the spread of HIV/AIDS;

advancement of new medicines and anticipation of bladder malignancy and prostate disease;

present day strategies for finding and treatment of cerebrovascular sickness;

advancement of household innovations treatment of orthopedic sicknesses and wounds of musculoskeletal framework.

Institute researchers effectively take part in universal congresses and symposia. In the course of the most recent 5 years, Academy safeguarded the 15 doctoral and 167 ace’s proposals. Execution of alumni of Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy (DSMA) was 100%. Institute got 265 patients, Published 6507 articles, 516 of them were universally distributed. The Academy produces 3 scholarly logical diaries – “Therapeutic Perspectives”, “Urology” and “Dermatovenereology, cosmetology, sexual pathology”.


Distinguished facts about the University in a Glance:

  • Bogomolets National Medical University (BNMU) is located in Kiev – the capital of the Ukraine. 
  • Established in 1841 – the University completed 175th anniversary in 2016. 
  • In 2011, BNMU was the 1st every medical university of Ukraine which transferred to the new methodology – European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Implementation of ECTS credit assessment has harmonized the validity of degree & course all over the European Union without any complicacy.
  • 2015 saw the University passing the certification on quality management according to the requirements of international standard – ISO 9001:2008 – the 1st University in Ukraine to do so. 
  • Bogomolets National Medical University has over 1,200 teachers and over 14,000 students – with nearly 2800 being foreigners from 64 countries including India. 
  • REPUTATION & RECOGNITIONS : -The MBBS program of BNMU is recognized by World Health Organization (WHO), and approved by Medical Council of India (MCI). Some of the other major international medical education controlling organizations which have accredited the MBBS degree conferred bybyBogomolets National Medical University  UNESCO, EUPHA (European Public Health Association), EUA (European University Association), Medical Board of California, DAAD, USAID, International Hospital Federation and Medical Council of Canada . Apart from these highly influential medical organizations, almost all countries in the world accept the MBBS degree from Bogomolets National Medical University.
  • Bogomolets National Medical University has:        

          (i) 10 faculties and 87 departments 

          (ii) 2 Scientific Research Institutes 

          (iii) Educational Scientific Center – Ukrainian Training Centre of Family Medicine. 

          (iv) Institute of Postgraduate education.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

  • In 2016 the University for the 1st Time in its history enrolled the maximum foreign students – 861 – from all parts of the world. 

University infrastructure includes:                                                                                                                                                                                                        

           (i) 8 academic buildings 

          (ii) lecture hall for over 2.8 thousand places

          (iii) library with internet center

          (iv) 28 computer classrooms

          (v) 6 hostels

          (vi) 2 public catering centers

          (vii) health & recreation resort

          (viii) health camp “Medic” where students have rest during summer free of charge. 

  • Bogomolets National Medical University has one of the best clinical hospitals which includes 142 treatment bases where 8,400 beds are deployed – 70,000 + operations are performed annually and over 15,000 babies are delivered every year. 
  • BNMU’s dental medical center is the biggest in Europe and over 3, 00,000 patients come every year.                                                                              
  • Bogomolets has a teaching hospital in its campus which in fact is being regarded as the largest hospital in Ukraine. Bogomolets Hospital in Ukraine treats more than 4 lakh patients annually. Numerous patients from neighboring countries frequently visit the hospital for the treatment of serious & critical diseases.
  • BNMU is the co-founder of Inter-University Center of Science & Cooperation in countries of Southern and South Eastern Europe (Italy), East European Network of Universities (Poland). 
  • BNMU participates in 27 educational and 49 scientific international projects. 
  • The University has 19 sports clubs with 2,000 students as members, famous sportsmen winners in European championships, record breakers in Guinness book study.

International Relation:

The English-dialect type of concentrate outside understudies was started at the NMU in 2004. Instruction of remote natives started in 1956; was completed fundamentally in Russian, albeit soon after Ukraine picked up autonomy, bunches with a Ukrainian-dialect type of training showed up. The instructing of scholastic teaches in English is done in the claims to fame “Restorative business” and “Dentistry”.

So as to enhance English capability at the bureau of remote dialects, the NMU in 2003 composed courses for college representatives. Since 2016, English dialect courses for college teachers are likewise led based on the British Council.

In excess of 800 individuals are prepared in the English dialect in the NMU – these are natives of the United States, Sweden, Poland, Turkey, India, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Kuwait, Chad, Nigeria, Ghana. Understudies are given the quarters at the season of their investigations.

The bureau of universal relations consistently leads methodological work with the offices, controls the accessibility and nature of instructive and methodological writing, and energizes the distribution of course readings and manuals in English. Along these lines, just two years prior Departments of the NMU had arranged manuals (every one of the 50 titles), which as leaflets were printed and exchanged to the college library. Because of the accessibility of PC rooms in NMUs and PCs for understudies, every intrigued individual are furnished complimentary with electronic renditions of methodological advancements in controls that are instructed at the I-V courses.

Logical and instructive collaboration is being led with various famous colleges, including Oxford University (UK), Carolina Institute (Sweden), Alabama University (USA), Jagiellonian University.

The University holds various remote subjects yearly at such resources as medicinal (preparing in the forte “therapeutic business”), dental (arrangement in the claim to fame “dentistry”), pharmaceutical (readiness in the strength “drug store”) and preliminary staff, where understudies get essential information in material science, science, science and Russian or Ukrainian dialects.

Specialized academic councils

The NMU employs 9 specialized academic councils, which cover 20 specialties on the awarding of scientific degrees of a doctor and a candidate of sciences:
D 26.003.01 – Hygiene and occupational pathology (medical sciences); social medicine; virology (medical sciences); microbiology (medical sciences);
D 26.003.02 – skin and venereal diseases; immunology and allergology;
D 26.003.03 – Obstetrics and Gynecology; surgery; pediatric surgery;
D 26.003.04 – Pediatrics;
D 26.003.05 – dentistry;
D 26.003.06 – normal anatomy; pathological anatomy; histology, cytology, embryology;
D 26.003.07 – medical biochemistry (medical sciences); medical biochemistry (biological sciences);
D 26.003.08 – Cardiology; rheumatology;
D 26.009.09 – internal diseases; Gastroenterology.

Scientific potential

In excess of 200 logical and educational laborers work in excess of 200 specialists and in excess of 800 competitors of sciences, including in excess of 100 teachers and in excess of 400 partner educators. Divisions, Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine, Institute of Postgraduate Education, Institute of Hygiene and Ecology are given hardware and gear that permits logical research at the present dimension. Clinical and test logical analysts are completed under the control of the Ethics Commission which is obliged An exhaustive bioethical examination of every logical work that are arranged and did in NMU

Our  cutting-edge & comprehensive services to students moving for MBBS study in Ukraine

Committed advising for admission to the best positioned Universities for considering MBBS in Ukraine

Planning with the particular college organization in getting affirmation letter from the University, chosen by the understudy.

Cabin exact archives for the issuance of visa welcome letter from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Installment of Visa expenses to the Embassy of Ukraine in India and finishing well ordered confirmation and visa related process.

Help with the opportune booking of prudent Air Ticket from Delhi to Kiev ( capital of Ukraine)

Sending understudies in gatherings from India to Ukraine under the individual backup of Director who holds lifetime green card and visa of Ukraine.

Masterminding street transportation from Airport in Ukraine to the University grounds where the understudy expected to examine.

Giving Indian feast on landing and furnishing understudies with the chance to associate with their folks/watchmen through telephone

Masterminding Mobile SIM CARD for understudies and aiding the opening financial balance subsequent to acquiring understudies’ card from the University.

Arranging clean and safe convenience at University Hostels.

Undeniable and all-around help of understudies in settling each kind of issues in Ukraine amid the entire time of study.

Customary contacts with guardians and relatives of understudies to advise about the investigation movement and in general enhancement in detail.

Masterminding and making whatsapp gather with guardians and understudies in a joint effort with the workers, chiefs and agents of our association.